Manufacturing Infrared Sauna since 2001

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Place of origin Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Model Number SS-400T
Function Far Infrared
Feature  Wide-frequency Carbon Heaters  
Capacity 4 person
Main material Solid wood
Solid wood type FF grade Canadian red cedar or hemlock
Dimension 1902×1251×1900mm
Voltage 110V-230V
Power 2610W
Guarantee 18 months
Quantity of heaters Carbon Heaters/15pcs  
Packing 3 cartons/pc

20FT: 14pcs  40HQ: 32pcs



I Infrared Sauna's Brief Instruction

Model SS-400T is our classic design of Infrared Sauna in 2012.   Big size door and comfortable outside lights make it look nice and luxury appearance. .


II Infrared sauna key points

+35000 square meters plant to fulfill your bulk order.

+Rich experiences to satisfy high end customers

+5 year guarantee and the function of automatic debugging free our customers from after-sale worries.


III Infrared sauna details and hot points



7-color therapy light
It is also called chromotherapy light with 7 different colors controlled on the control panel. Different colors can offer different benefits to the body.
EZ Handle
We treat our Infrared Sauna as a work of art, especially the details. You can select the type of your favorite.
Intelligent Control(Clever Boy)
This control has Alarm and an automatic power dump in case any short-circuits, so that keep you out of any danger.
Luxury Exterior LED light
It has a long life of more than 50,000 hours. 
Soft and warm LED light creats a homelike feeling.


 Adjustable Vent

It allows the colder air outside exchange with inside hotter when to open it.


Cup and Magazine Holder
Convenient and Humanized detail design is always what we offered.
Negative oxygen ion generator
It can refresh the air inside of the sauna by giving negative oxygen ions so that spirit you also.




CD/FM/AM Stereo
We have patent to install the stereo above the ceiling and operate inside of the sauna. It is the most convenient way for the user to have it.




Experts in Infrared Technology
Wide-Frequency Nano Carbon Heater offers 100% IR-C, which are ultrathin, long life, extensive infrared therapy, intelligent and secure. It is the most popular infrared technology for Infrared Saunas.



IVPackages and Easy installation

Saunas installation is easier than you think.

Installation of our infrared sauna was designed to be quick and easy, with minimal tools required by 2 person within half an hour.

Unlike a traditional sauna an infrared sauna do not require an electrician, plumber and contractor to complete the sauna installation.