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Red glass heaters far infrared sauna room
-full Spectrum red glass heater
-full glass door design
-E control panel


Difference between Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas and Far Infrared Saunas:


* Full spectrum infared heaters produce not only long or medium wave infrared radiation,but cover the entire infrared spectrum ,the infrared also A.

 Thus IR radiation of Sino full spectrum infrared heaters aer very similar the sun shines on the earth's surface.

 You feel the comforting warmth you do on a bright sunny day without the harmful UV rays.


*Full spectrum Ruby Heaters' wavelength covers 20% IR-A,60% IR-B and 20% IR-C. Soft touch control panel can change the wavelength from IR-A to IR-C.

Meeting various needs of the customers ,they can chooes the wavelength they want.

So Full Spectrum infrared sauna has more functions than Far infrared  sauna.


*Full Spectrum infrared heaters are created using the Cerman Medical technology ,and are high efficient,secure and with low EMF.

This medicai technology can effectively improve and more than 70 kinds of Chronic degenerative diseases(arthritis,hypertension,glycuresis and ect).









Installation of our infrared sauna was designed to be quick and easy, with minimal tools required by 2 person within half an hour.


Unlike a traditional sauna an infrared sauna do not require an electrician, plumber and contractor to complete the sauna installation.




We build a three-dimensional QC system in our factory.They are self-checking ,inter-checking and speciality checking.We are seeking 100% customers' satisfaction.



Certificates of  half body far infrared sauna


QC System of  half body far infrared sauna

We build a three-dimensional QC system in our factory.They are self-checking ,inter-checking and speciality checking.We are seeking 100% customers' satisfaction.

We made a detailed checking list in speciality. Our customers help us revise according to the market. Now we have a checking list with 54 items and 208 points. Our checkers inspect them one by one carefully and record on the paper.

The end control checkers will double check every point, while stressing on the function testing, recording the Curve of temperature rise.



 Customer Cooperation pictures of  half body far infrared sauna