Manufacturing Infrared Sauna since 2001

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Place of origin Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name New trend/sino sauna
Model Name XQ-031HD
Function Far infrared
Feature Pure ceramic heater, Digital control inside&outside, reading lights
Capacity 3-person
Main material Solid wood
Solid wood type Red cedar or hemlock
Dimensions 1536×1230×1900mm
Voltage 110V/220V/230V
Power 2260W
Guarantee 18months
Package 3 cartons/pc
Loading 20FT: 17pcs  40HQ: 40pcs


There's a great need for relaxing ourselves in both body and mind due to the big pressure in our modern society. An infrared sauna in your home is currently the most popular and most effective way.

All SINO SAUNAS are made from high quality components, morden design and very high level of finishing.

The whole production is really green and non-chemical, meanwhile the SINO SAUNAS are with natural frarant and healthy.




Health Benefits:


1.Removes toxins, heavy metals and harmful materials.

2.Removes fatigue, replenish oxygen and energy

3.Reduces stress, promotes better sleep

4.Relieves pain and improves nervous system

5.Makes skin beautiful and smooth, put off aging and look young

6.Burns calories and gets weight loss (600 calories/30min)

7.Improves blood circulation, cardiovascular and cerebral system (corresponds to 10km jogging)

 8.Make the clothes dry and use the infrared waves to kill the bacterium on the clothes.

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Optional Features:


1.natural medical treatment. improve skin, circulation, nerve and suit particular mood; adjust mental and health.


2.lonizer release negative ion to purify air, dispense natural floral fragrance to enhance people’s mood and help stimulating relaxation.


3.Physical ergonomics backrest We design comfortable backrest according to S shape physical ergonomics which relaxes you best.


 Packages and Easy Installation

Saunas installation is easier than you think. Installation of our infrared sauna was designed to be quick and easy, with minimal tools required by 2 person within half an hour. Unlike a traditional sauna an infrared sauna do not require an electrician,plumber and contractor to complete the sauna installation.